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1. Your store is located: 2. You operate:
W-USA NW-USA South-USA Midwest-USA 1 Store 2 Stores 3 Stores 4 Stores 5 or more
NE -USA SW-USA Texas California
Canada Europe-UK Europe-North Mexico
Internet  Europe-South South America
3. CCG sales makes up approximately:  4. Non-collectible card game sales makes up approximately: 
5. RPG sales makes up approximately: 6. Board game sales makes up approximately:
7. Miniatures (including clicky games) sales makes up approximately:  8. Do you carry comics?
Yes No
9. Do you have a local discounter (discounts more than 20% off MSRP) that you directly compete against? 10. Do you feel internet stores on manufacturers sites unfairly compete with your store?
Yes No Yes No
11. Do you feel PDF sales (such as those found at RPGNow and Drive Thru RPG) cut into sales of the same print titles? 12. How would you prefer to be contacted about new products from companies? (Check all that apply)
Yes No E-Mail Post Mail
Catalog Listings Company Website
None of the Above
13. What Genre sells best in your store? (Please Rank, 1 as best selling) 14. Do you use a electronic point of sale system?
Fantasy    Science Fiction   Yes No
Modern   Horror  
Pulp Historic
15. Do you have a Local Area Network at your store? 16. What is your store's square feet? (If more than one, please state the largest)
Yes No
17. How many years have you been in business?
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