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You must be logged in to add or edit data. You do not have to login to browse data on this system. People can only find you though if you sign-up.
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New Retail Store Signup

Here you may signup to get your store listed on this site as well as many other publisher sites. Publishers/Manufacturers should use the new Manufacturer form to signup to get listed or get the code block for your site to use this service.

    Fill out the form in the box below.
    Use the SAVE button to go to the next phase.
    You will be required to validate your data once a quarter through email.
    Your store must cater to gaming to be listed on this site.
    NOTICE: New stores will be validated through phonebook lookup.
    NOTE: If your store is already listed with us but you didn't signup, please email us a password and we will setup your account access so you can edit.

SCREEN SHOTS: Store info screen & coupon, Remote code on publisher site, and Remote search results.

E-Mail / Username: required
Password: 8 characters, no spaces, required
Store Name: required
Contact Name:
State: 2 letter code or 'XX'=Online
Zip Code:
Phone No.:
Toll Free No.:
Fax No.:
Web Page URL: use http://
Logo/Banner URL: use http://
Photograph URL: use http://
Product Types IN STOCK at this Store:
 Roleplaying Games?  Dice?
 Miniatures?  Board Games?
 Comics?  Cards/CCGs?
 Anime/Manga?  Apparel/Jewelry?
Allowed Contact:
 Allow Publisher eMail?  Allow Distributor eMail?
 Allow Press Release eMail?  Allow US Postal Mail?
 Notify for Manufacturer?  
 General Mailing List?  Show Email Address?
 In-Store Gaming Space?  Organized Play?
Auto Login?:
Coupon % Off (0=None):
Federal Tax ID:


Form Help:

  • URL's need http:// entered in front of them.
  • If the vast majority of your business is done online or you are a discounter over over 10% make sure you set your state to ONLINE. Manufacuters may remove you from your lists if you don't.
  • Use your email address for your username if you have one. Only if you don't have an email address should you use something else. We email you regularly (3 months after your last login) to validate you're still in business if you leave a valid email address. If no email address is on file you can expect to get a post card or phone call.
  • If you don't select Notify for Manufacturer then you will not be told when new publishers join our system. Remember you must flag your store as stocking a company's product line or you will not show up on their searches.
  • If you enter a coupon amount, the system will allow a customer to print off a coupon that states it is valid for one time use. It's up to you to track who has made use of the coupons. If there are several stores in your area, it's wise to offer a coupon of some amount (5%?).
  • Your Federal Tax ID number is only used for validating your store and nothing more. Each state has its own identifiable number for validating your store is where you say it is.
  • Online stores are only shown on a search that finds nothing when searching a specific state or if the user types 'ONLINE' as the state.
  • Your store photo should be of the outside or inside of your store to give the customer a feel for what your store is like. The link should NOT point to a full size digital image, please make sure it's about 500x600 at the largest.

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