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Remember to keep your store up to date with which product lines are carried.
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New Manufacturer / Publisher

Here you setup an account for your company to allow retailers to list themselves on your retailer list, but also to allow you to remove them. If you're a Store Owner, then please use the Store signup form.
To create a Manufacturer account:

    Joining this site will allow you to use our retailer locator and allow stores to add you to their inventory lists.
    This will also allow you to de-list retailers you know don't carry your products.
    Fill out the form in the box below.
    Use the SAVE button to store the data.
    Once joined make sure you get your HTML code to place on your website.

REMEMBER: By signing up here as a manufacturer/publisher you are agreeing to place the locator code on your website (preferably the front page).

SCREEN SHOTS: Remote code on publisher site, Remote search results, and Store info screen & coupon.

E-Mail / Username: required
Password: 8 characters, no spaces, required
Auto Login?:
Company Name: required
Webpage URL: use http://
Banner/Logo: use http://
Primary Products:
Allowed Contact:
 Notify on store add?  General Mailings?
 Show Email Address?  


Form Help:

  • URL's need http:// entered in front of them.
  • Banner/Logo is looking for a URL pointing to an image we can show users while browsing. This image should be small, about 200x200.
  • Notify on adds means that you will get an email notice if a store adds you to their inventory list.
  • Description should briefly tell about the products you create.

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