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RPG Industry Application

The goal of this site is to provide a common PRIVATE place for game industry professionals to communicate. That means game writers, artists, freelancers, and all are welcome. But the general public do NOT have access to this site or it's contents.

To gain access to the private areas of this site, you must supply proof that you are actually part of the RPG Industry. Let us know who you work for or if you are an independent then please supply us with a link to show some of your work.

The Rules

  • This forum and all the site contents are meant to be private and not for distribution. This is especially true for the archives section of this site where people share their hard work.
  • Sharing the site password or your account with anyone is grounds for your removal. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone.
  • Being a part of this community requires more then your idle browsing. Please help out and contribute ideas.
If you have any problems, please notify one of the moderators immediately. Feel free to share this site URL with other industry professionals, but do NOT give out the password, that is for us to do.

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Company Name:
Website of your work:
RPG related experience:
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