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RPG Industry Advertising Reference

Retailer Mailings: We offer a reasonable rate for you to use our retailer mailing list to contact retailers accross the country. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

The RPG Host Network is home to over 350,000 unique users a month and displays nearly 2 million pages per month. We are one of the largest networks for traditional role-playing gaming. We have a proven track record and offer many levels and forms of particpation. This site and many others in the RPG Host Network make use of the:
RPG Host Target Marketing Program
  • Flat fee (only $195 a month) unlimited banner impressions
  • CPM (per 1000 impressions), or CPC (per click) style banner advertising.
  • Sponsorship Bid-Links for front page listings (CPC).
RPGNow.com handles the purchasing of advertising banners for large community sites such as: CyberCon Online Convention
  • Very successful quarerly convention using popular gaming aids like WebRPG.com, OpenRPG.com and GRIP
  • Chat rooms for game play and guest speakers and industry seminars.
  • Get a virtual booth for only $50 worth of prize donations.
The RPG Host Network also offers these methods of FREE exposure:

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